Cajun Pacific

Cajun Pacific provides catering for pick up, delivery and on-site service. Our catering menu includes traditional Cajun and Creole dishes - jambalaya, etouffee and gumbo - along with restaurant favorites and Chuck's specialty dishes. Think of us when you are planning:

private & business events: breakfasts/brunches, lunches & dinners, cocktail parties;

for seasonal events & holidays; special menus featured for Mardi Gras, Summer barbecues, Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas pick up;

crawfish/seafood boils;

private parties in Cajun Pacific.


Catering services are tailored to your needs and budget: we can help you plan and throw your event from start to finish, or simply provide some or all of your food to streamline your hosting duties. Cajun Pacific staffs your job with a professional service and kitchen crew.

Email with questions, details of your event or to place an order. 

Catering Menu

     Prices & availability are subject to change and to seasonal availability. Please contact us for menu planning as some items may not be suited to all service conditions.

     Minimums may apply on quantities and totals. Delivery is available, by fee, for orders of $400 or greater. Prices do not include sales tax, service or delivery, set up or service ware. 

     All indications on how many a pan serves are estimates.

     Most orders require at least five days notice, but some orders can be accommodated last minute.


gumbo | salad | starters & cocktail food | sandwiches | entrees | sides | dessert

gumbo served with a pan of rice  

andouille sausage & chicken gumbo

a roux-and-trinity based hearty Cajun soup, served with rice


seafood gumbo

shrimp, crawfish, oysters & fish


green gumbo n

roux-based gumbo, with a mix of greens; can be prepared vegan by request



salad pan of salad serves approximately 12-15+ people

jicama slaw n

julienned jicama with parsley & a spiced dressing


three-pepper fiery slaw n

spicy seasonal pepper salad


mixed green organic salad n

with house lime Tabasco vinaigrette & grated Padano cheese


Cajun Caesar salad

Romaine lettuce tossed with a Creole-spiced dressing, garlic croutons & grated Padano cheese; add grilled shrimp for $45, add grilled chicken for $25


vegan Caesar salad n

Romaine lettuce tossed with a vegan Ceaser dressing, with spicey crouton


spinach salad

sliced hard-boiled egg, red onion & applewood smoked bacon, with a honey apple-cider vinaigrette - or - sliced strawberries, candied pecans & goat cheese with an apple-cidar vinaigrette



shrimp Louie salad wraps

the San Francisco salad: iceberg lettuce "cup" filled with baby shrimp, sliced tomato, egg & Louie dressing

$3.50/piece, 24 minimum

grilled Mardi Gras vegetables n

grilled marinated eggplant, zucchini & squash



starters, cocktail food items by the piece are generally subject to a minimum of 25 pieces each,

shrimp remoulade

spicy boiled large Gulf shrimp in the piquant traditional Cajun sauce


andouille sausage corndogs

with mustard; bite-sized corndogs with a spicy Cajun sausage


crawfish beignets

with remoulade; savory fried dough with crawfish meat, green onions & Creole seasoning


savory crab & crawfish cheesecake

savory cheesecake tarts


stuffed mushrooms

crawfish, crab or roasted red pepper & goat cheese stuffed button mushrooms

crab: $2.75

crawfish: $2.50

pepper: $1.75

crab cakes

with remoulade; a house specialty, heavy on crab (crab selection by season, Dungeness or blue claw)


creamy crab on deep fried polenta cake

crab sauteed in a cream sauce on top a bite-sized fried polenta cake


crab & brie strudel

crab sauteed with onion, celery, bell pepper & baked in puff pastry with brie


crawfish strudel

crawfish tail meat sauteed with onion, celery, bell pepper & baked in puff pastry


shrimp & grits

medium shrimp in a fried grits cake, served with Creole sauce


large shrimp wrapped in applewood smoked bacon

bacon: making it better . . .


fried oysters

with remoulade, spicy Volcano sauce or house barbecue sauce (only available to be prepared on-site or for in-restaurant parties)


oyster Bienville

oyster-on-the-half-shell baked with a bacon, shrimp, onion, herb & cheese sauce


oyster Kathryn

oyster-on-the-half-shell baked with a brandy, spinach, brie & cream sauce


grilled marinated skirt steak on crostini

with creme frache & chives


grilled andouille sausage

grilled spicy sausage with Dijon mustard, traditional remoulade & barbecue sacue; chicken or turkey sausage available by request


deep-fried duck confit wontons

with sweet red chili sauce


shredded maple-brined pork

on pecan pancakes



pastrami, salami, ham & provolone and olive spread baked in puff pastry


Natchitoches meat pies fried dough turnovers filled with ground beef sauteed with onion/celery/bell pepper (pronounced "nah-kah-tehsh") 



button mushroom corndogs n

with herb butter milk sauce; bite-sized corndogs


vegetable spring rolls n

shredded carrots and Napa & red cabbage, sauteed mushrooms in a spicy dressing, wrapped in a spring roll wrapper


butternut squash quiche  n   $1.65/piece

asparagus & goat cheese puff n

asparagus & goat cheese baked in puff pastry  subject to seasonal availability


deep fried eggplant & sweet potato wontons n

with spicy red banana sauce; roasted eggplant & sweet potato in a wonton wrapper


fried green heirloom tomatoes with traditional remoulade n

with remoulade; subject to seasonal availability and only when made on-site. May also be available with grilled shrimp.



sandwiches: po'boys & muffaletta minimum order on full po'boys is 12, minimum of six of any one kind of po'boy; mini po'boys or muffaletta are a minimum of 24

po'boys | traditional New Orleans sandwich on French bread with remoulade, dressed with lettuce, tomatoe & pickles

grilled shrimp, grilled andouille sausage, grilled vegetable, deep fried turkey, pulled pork

$11-13/ sandwich


pastrami, salami, ham & provolone with olive spread on house made muffaletta bread, serves six


mini po'boys

grilled shrimp, grilled anouille sausage or grilled vegetable on house made bread, a two-bite sandwich


mini muffaletta

pastrami, salami, ham & provolone with olive spread on house made muffaletta bread, a two-bite sandwich



Cajun Pacific makes fresh turducken in house: a fresh butchery item for your to take home and roast yourself . . . Cajun Pacific's turducken nests a deboned chicken in a duck in a turkey, with rice stuffing between the chicken and duck, and cornbread stuffing between the duck and turkey. We use all hormone free/free-range birds (including a Diestel brand turkey). Serves 12-18. $200.

entrees   serving number guidelines are estimates and should be considered in the context of you whole order

jambalaya | a classic Cajun of highly seasoned rice, trinity (onion/celery/bell peppers) and meat, seafood and vegetables

each pan serves 15-18 as a main course, 25 as part of buffet

andouille sausage & chicken






etouffee | translates as "smothered", etoufee is a roux-based and trinity sauce with meat or seafood, served over rice

each pan serves 12-15 as a main course, 20 as part of buffet







New Orleans barbecue shrimp  each pan serves 15-18 as a main course, 25 as part of buffet

large shrimp sauteed in butter, garlic, Worstershire & beer Creole-spiced sauce


Creole crawfish & pasta  each pan serves 15-18 as a main course, 25 as part of buffet

picked Louisiana crawfish tail meat & pasta tossed in a Creole spiced cream sauce


many fresh grilled fish options, including (seasonal) halibut, ono, salmon, trout, catfish

email for suggestions, and finishes including various fresh salsas, pesto, burre blanc, et al


red beans & rice with Tasso ham & andouille sausage  each pan serves 15-18 as a main course, 25 as part of buffet

served with a pan of rice


red beans & rice n

served with a pan of rice; vegan


pulled pork with sweet onion gravy  each pan serves 15-18 as a main course, 25 as part of buffet

slow-cooked pork shoulder, shredded and served in a sweet onion gravy sauce


meatloaf Creole

beef, sausage meatloaf, covered in Creole sauce & cheese


duck confit

dozen duck legs


deep fried turkey

18-21lb hormone-free/free-range Diestel turkey, add gravy for $10



house made & fresh: a deboned Diestel turkey (20lb), duck (6lb) and chicken (5lb) nested together with cornbread stuffing between the turkey and duck, rice stuffing between the duck and the chicken; a butchery item, your turducken is ready for you to roast and serve


bacon & oyster pie

eight-twelve servings of the savory, rich pie; applewood smoked bacon & Drakes Bay oysters


crawfish pie   $85/pie

grilled marinated skirt or hangar steak

minimum of 20


barbecue pork ribs

minimum of 20


deep fried Cornish game hen

minimum 20 pieces


eggplant Creole n

fried eggplant covered in Creole sauce & melted cheese


zucchini gratin  n

savory sliced/layered zucchini & tomatoes baked with grana Padano cheese & thyme


vegetable terrine Creole n

layers of roasted eggplant, zucchini, squash & red pepper, goat cheese and fresh herbs


stuffed poblano pepper n

Creole rice stuffing, beer battered & deep fried; minimum of 10


Portobello mushroom Wellington n

mushroom stuffed with goat cheese & shallots, baked in puff pastry & covered with Creole cream sauce; minimum of 10





chipoltle cornbread muffins n

the Cajun Pacific signature muffin; one dozen minimum


crawfish bread

French bread baked with sauteed crawfish, trinity & cheese


andouille sausage & jalapeno bread French bread baked with sauteed crawfish, trinity & cheese



oyster & andouille sausage stuffing

serves 24; half pan available by request


cornbread stuffing n

serves 24; half pan available by request


sweet potato gratin n

serves 24


garlic mashed potatoes n

serves 24


sauteed blue lake beans n

serves 16-20


honey-braised collard & mustard greens  n serves 16-20, with hamhocks +$25. $50/pan

Mardi Gras ratouille n

stewed eggplant, zucchini & squash; serves 16-20


mache choux n

fresh corn stewed with tomatoes, trinity butter & cream; serves 16-20, subject to seasonal availability (Summer)


sweet potato & eggplant gravy n



fresh cranberry & orange sauce n





bread pudding with whiskey sauce

Cajun Pacific's signature dessert; serves 24, half pan available by request


pecan pie

serves 12


pineapple upside down cake

serves 12


fruit cobbler

seasonal fruit; serves 24, half pan available by request


sweet beignets

only available to be prepared on-site; please contact for details


 n vegetarian